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 Voyar La Rue

Voyar La Rue is the fresh new label in the Netherlands and beyond. Voyar La Rue was founded in 2014 and inspired by “The love for fashion”. Our fashion allow independent women to feel strong and successful. For us it is more than a feeling, it is a lifestyle! It all starts with the selection of our designs and fabrics, all according to our high standards and unique style: feminine, elegant, but also a bit bold. In each of our products lays the passion to be something special. You will recognize our unique style everywhere.

Do you want to feel feminine, unique and successful? With our fashion we will give you the perfect outfit to feel confident and do everything you would like as an independent woman. Our collection knows four seasons, but we do not want to keep you waiting, so check our website regularly for new items. You can also contact us for the address of the closest partner shop near you


Owner and Founder of Voyar La Rue: Emma van Straaten

Emma is the creator of the young label Voyar La Rue. Fashion has always played an important role in her life. First as a model and afterwards she supported various international designers searching for the latest trends. She could not overcome the feeling something was missing, not complete. She started to create more and more her own vision on how clothes must feel, fit and express. With this vision she started her lifetime dream of designing her own clothing line. She started with t-shirts with catchy statements and soon more and more followed. All according to her unique style. Her first samples were so well received that shops throughout the country stood in line to add her creations to their collection.

Coming up with an appropriate name is not always easy. It is ultimately the soul of the company. Voyar is a small picturesque village that she often visited in her childhood with her family. Beautiful and innocent memories! La Rue is the French word for street, Emma’s surname in Dutch. Combining these two words made the story complete. Now two years later Voyar La Rue is one of the most successful new labels on the market.

Dutch celebrities have also discovered the distinctive style of Voyar La Rue and are regularly spotted in our latest creations. Inge de Bruin, Liza Sips and Monique Smith have  clearly embraced our way of fashion. Will you follow?


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