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Voyar La Rue is known as a characteristic and creative fashion label in the Netherlands and in the international fashion industry. Since we are founded in 2014, we work from the ideology The Love For Fashion and strive to let the independent woman shine in our clothes. Our aim goes beyond just feelings. It's a Lifestyle! During the very first selection of designs and corresponding materials we already keep this concept in our consideration. The course we follow focuses on the aspects of femininity and elegance with a hint of boldness. In every product, our passion for creating something special is clearly recognizable. Experts can easily distinguish the The Voyar La Rue style from other fashion labels.

What woman do not want to shine and feel powerful by the clothes she is wearing? The vision we have created for our clothing is based on the feeling of the confident woman who wants to be seen! Our collection has four seasons and we update the webshop monthly with new items. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on our webshop regularly for our current offer. Want to know where you can find a store where you can try on our clothes? Consult our website for a store nearby!


Owner/creative director

Emma van Straaten is the founder and owner of the young fashion label Voyar La Rue. Her passion and interest in fashion has always been great. Emma has started her career in the fashion world as a model and later as a support for various international designers were she searched for the latest fashion trends. The idea that something was missing led to the development of a personal vision in terms of feel, design and fit. With a healthy dose of experience, Emma started in 2014 with designing T-shirts that feature a catchy statement and other clothing creations focused on her own vision and style. Producing her first own samples was therefore a logical consequence and was successfully received. Several stores were in line to buy her clothes. In the meantime, Voyar La Rue is working hard in the Netherlands and internationally as the new fresh fashion label.

Designing a suitable name is not always as easy. In the end, the name forms the heart of the organization and is reflected in all aspects and expressions. There has been chosen for a personal memory of the small picturesque village Voyar in France, which Emma in her youth often visited with her family. La Rue is the French translation for street which refers to the surname of our owner and creative director. As a result, Emma's personal touch is interwoven with the label's identity.

Our label has already been discovered by famous Dutch people who are regularly spotted with our latest fashion items. Robin Martens, Natalie La Rose, Inge de Bruin, Liza Sips, Lieke Biemans and Monique Smit have already shown us that they choose for our unique fashion label. Who is following?



‘‘For us Fashion is more than a Feeling. It's a Lifestyle!’’

Our goal and intention is to create an image which shows that we stand for feminine, elegant, trendy, tough, fashion conscious and high quality clothing. The clothing of Voyar La Rue fits in today's fashion image and provides a unique addition to the industry. At national level, there is an increasing growth and we gain more and more brand awareness.

- Fashionable and trendy clothing
- High Quality
- Affordable prices
- Durability
- Brand experience and quality equipment
- Authentic, classic & tough clothing styles.



When designing our collections and designs, the independent, fashion conscious and tough woman always serves as a reference frame. Our products must be accessible to all and respond quickly to market demands. With our fashion label we want to create a contemporary experience that is being processed early in the design process.

At the moment we are a growing company in the Netherlands and we will strive for further growth in the future. We also want to conquer the international market with our unique view at the fashion world. Voyar La Rue only select manufacturers who can deliver in speed and with good working conditions. We believe it is important to provide our customers with products that are demanding and fit within today's trends and developments. Thus we attach great importance to teamwork, good service, listening to customers, open communication and at the same time we strive for the perfect ratio between price and quality.


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